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Aphex BioCleanse Systems was founded to provide the world with a much-needed safe and effective alternative to alcohol-based cleaning solution, and with the recent Covid-19 pandemic, we are continually motivated towards this commitment.  Through our water-based products, our mission is to make the world a healthier and safer place by providing the most effective and safest sanitizing solutions available.

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We aim to help save lives, ease the burden of illness, increase workforce productivity, and in general, keep homes around the globe clean and safe. From consumer to industrial use, our products can help you save money, protect those you love by eliminating harmful pathogens and germs. As an added bonus, we are committed to making Aphex BioCleanse Systems, Inc. the new benchmark in effective environmentally-friendly technologies.


Headquartered in Rochester, New York with a manufacturing facility in Port Richey, Florida, Aphex BioCleanse Systems, Inc. is positioned to service hundreds of thousands of U.S. and Canadian customers quickly and efficiently. Through “Aphex Europe with Qurexx”, our European distribution partners, we are able to establish an international presence and sell our American-made products globally. We look forward to expanding into new markets in the coming years.


David Weaver, President/CEO

David Weaver holds over 40 years of experience in engineering and design and is responsible for the creation of much of Aphex’s proprietary formulas. Previously, he spent over two decades as an optical engineer for Eastman Kodak, where he earned a name for himself by streamlining the company’s technology and operations, training its team around the world and innovating for the photography industry. Following his role with Eastman Kodak, Weaver went on to found his own digital camera company, where he led the company to sell over $100 million within the first year through his innovations. He also helped Motorola launch the first-ever camera phone. At Aphex, Weaver brings his innovative mindset, passion for disrupting the status quo and entrepreneurial spirit to the team.

David Olund, Executive Vice-President

David Olund, Executive Vice President of Aphex, has found his niche in leading publicly-traded pharmaceutical companies to success. During his 40-year career in finance, Olund has consulted for multinational corporations, created financial products and helped take them to market and spent over a decade guiding OTC-traded pharmaceutical companies. He was chosen to serve as a regional financial consultant for Leiman American Express at just 23 years old and founded his own boutique financial planning firm at 24. In more recent years, David has consulted for Universal Administration Corp and Zapvir, Inc. At Aphex, Olund guides the company’s financial strategy, including executing its financing plan and merger and leads Aphex’s business development.

Anthony Marotti, Senior Vice President of Investor Relations

With Aphex BioCleanse Systems in various capacities since the beginning, Anthony’s position as Senior Vice President of Investor Relations allows him to bring his eclectic experience and intimate knowledge of Aphex to serve our investors. Anthony gained a diverse knowledge of business, technology, and interpersonal relationships through the businesses he founded and/or held C-Level positions in, which include: Design/Build (within the architectural and engineering industry), Software Development, CAD/CAM (systems design, sales, and deployment), Educational Film/Video Production, Corporate Training (within the pharmaceutical industry), to name a few. Anthony’s experience and his long relationship with Aphex is a tremendous asset within his position of heading up Investor Relations.

Mark Washo, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Sales

Mark Washo currently serves as the Vice President of Marketing and Sales for Aphex Biocleanse Systems. Prior to joining Aphex, Washo held a number of respected senior marketing positions over the course of almost three decades. In his most recent role, he served as the Chief Business Officer of Marina Auto Stadium and the Rochester Rhinos where he managed the day to day operations of the stadium and professional USL soccer team. His previous professional titles include Chief Marketing Officer of the Washington Spirit, President, General Manager and Board of Governor of the WPS Washington Freedom, Executive Vice President of the Chicago Fire Soccer Club, Senior Vice President of the New York-New Jersey MetroStars (Red Bull NY), Senior Director of Ticket Sales at D.C. United, Ticket Sales Executive at the Washington Wizards, and Direct Marketing Representative at Bison Baseball.


Becky Buckley, Supply Manager

Scott Buckley, Plant Manager

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