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Our Technology


We have developed the world’s first proprietary alcohol-free, nontoxic and hydrogen-based cleaning technology. The technology, called Hy-IQ®️ Water, has a unique method of action that kills pathogens, bacteria and insects through physics, not chemicals, and is environmentally friendly.

  • Nonflammable. Chemical Free. Alcohol Free.
  • Safe for People, Pets, Plants and Property.


Aphex BioCleanse Systems Acquires BioFoam™ Business and Patented Cleaning Technology

    Products for every industry


    COVID-19 has forever changed the sanitization standards of the airline industry and previously acceptable cleaning products are no longer enough. Aphex challenges the status quo with chemical-free, nonflammable and nontoxic products that are safer for passengers and the environment.


    It is inevitable that cleaning products will leak into the surrounding water when disinfecting maritime vessels and the harsh chemicals used in typical sanitization options present a clear and present danger to ocean life. Aphex products provide sanitization options that are free of harmful chemicals or alcohol.


    Need to sanitize your entire event space and provide easy sanitization for your guests? Aphex multi-use products can serve as a water-based, chemical-free solution. They are scent free and won’t leave your event smelling like chlorine and alcohol.


    Harsh chemicals used in agricultural settings seep through to the food we put on our tables. So, why are consumers okay with the status quo of agriculture sanitization? Aphex believes they shouldn’t be and has created an effective and chemical-free alternative through its Hy-IQ®️ Water technology, which has been proven to kill a wide range of foodborne bacteria.

    hy-iq powered products

    The Aphex™ product line uses an innovative formula that kills a wide array of bacteria, without the side effects of alcohol. The water-based formula is effective and safe. It will neither damage nor dry skin. It’s nonflammable and assists in the healing process by keeping wounds hydrated. In contrast with alcohol-based hand sanitizers, which cease killing germs when dry, our laboratory tests have shown that Aphex™ products continue killing germs for hours after their application.

    Products for everyday use

    DermAphex®: A hand sanitizer that will keep your skin soft and hydrated

    VetAphex®: A dual-purpose, alcohol-free wound wash and antiseptic that is nonirritating and gentle on skin.

    SanAphex®: A hard-surface disinfectant that kills germs in your home fast

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